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Fun With Formatting

Formatting is fun, isn’t it?
When I write, I tend to write on pen and paper. Yes, I know, luddite, but tech just clouds my thought processes and I’d rather do it the old fashioned way. Plus it means you get to do a clean-up/redraft when it comes to typing the thing up. About five or six years ago, not long after I first got a computer (yes, luddite, shut up), I thought it was about time I typed up the endless stories clugging up my cupboard, so I did. Took months and months, but I did. You would think that would make it easier when it came time to self-publish, wouldn’t you?
Well, maybe you wouldn’t. The problem, of course, is formatting. See, I used Wordpad to type them up, didn’t even get Word till like four years ago (shut up) and didn’t even do that right, as it turns out. So now everything is crappily formatted, all over the place and everything else, and that’s not even counting the specific instructions you have to follow for the likes of Kindle and Smashwords. So, to cut a long story short… it’s taking me a while.
I suppose that’s good in a way, otherwise I’d just dump a hundred or so e-books on the net in the space of a week, which probably wouldn’t be a good idea either…