Introducing “Ian’s Gang”

Thought I’d take a moment to introduce “Ian’s Gang”, the new science fiction series of which the first novel is now available to download as a Kindle e-book from Amazon (I plan to make it available on other platforms and as a print book in the next couple of months).

It’s an action adventure sci-fi series which dabbles in comedy and supernatural horror, crossing various genres within the same framework. It’s about a group of teenage aliens who are assigned to help Earth get used to the idea of the wider universe and immediately get dragged into the wildest of adventures.

I’ve been writing the series for many years now but have had trouble attracting the interest of mainstream publishers, for all the usual reasons. I guess it is also a bit of an odd style – essentially a series of short stories with continuing characters and storylines, which slowly begin to grow and form into an epic saga. I believe in the series, though, and hope that by taking the self-publishing route it will find its audience – if the audience can be made aware of its existence, of course!


Hi there. My name is Ian Kidd and this is my first post on my new blog. I’m a freelance writer in South Australia with experience in everything from published fiction (including my first fiction e-book, the science fiction adventure “Ian’s Gang” which is now available to purchase on Kindle via Amazon) to ghostwriting non-fiction e-books and articles. I have worked as a script/dialogue editor on two proposed horror feature film scripts for LA based writer/director Aleksandr Sokolyn and had a comic skit shortlisted for performance in the Sydney Fringe Festival 2010. I’m establishing this blog in the hope of widening my internet presence and hopefully attract readers and employers.

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