Writing Other Things and Being an Idiot

I’m an idiot.

It took a long time to come to this conclusion, but I got there in the end. In between uploading the next Ian’s Gang ebook to Amazon – “That Child of Mine”, check it out folks! – and formatting the next one, “Mousetrap”, it occurred to me that it was possibly NOT the brightest idea in the universe to effectively (with the exception of a few other very short stories and another series which was just for fun and unpublishable anyway) restrict myself to just writing the Ian’s Gang series for so long. Continuing to write the series endlessly when I couldn’t get the first lot published was kind of restricting my chances, wasn’t it!?
So, while I’m certainly not abandoning the series – I love it too much for that – I’m holding off writing any new installments for a while (at least until all the existing ones are published on Kindle, which will take me some time as it is) and concentrating on writing other stuff for publication. Indeed, I’ve been looking around at markets asking for specific subjects and story lengths to do just that, and have already managed to write a 10,000+ word novella and have nearly finished a 4000+ word novelette/short story too.

Of course, I probably have should done this about ten years ago, but then again I’ve always been a bit slow…


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I am a freelance writer and English ex-pat living in South Australia. I have writing experience in everything from published fiction (including my first fiction e-book, the science fiction adventure "Ian's Gang" which is now available on Kindle via Amazon) to ghostwriting non-fiction ebooks and articles. I served as script editor on two proposed horror feature film scripts for director Aleksandr Sokolyn ("The Two Men") and had a short comic skit shortlisted for inclusion in the Sydney Fringe Festival 2010. I am a long time lover of the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres (a fact reflected in much of my fiction), including the likes of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Buffy, X Files etc. View all posts by iankiddy

One response to “Writing Other Things and Being an Idiot

  • Zen

    I have a friend who’s like that. He’s stubbornly working on a series even though the first book didn’t get much attention. I keep telling him to focus on other things but he’s determined to make this book his big break. He really loves this book, and that’s why he wants to turn it into a success, so I don’t think you’re an idiot for doing that; it’s normal for an author to want everyone to read the books they love. =]

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