Bloodlust is out!

Well, I didn’t really know how these things worked (on account of, y’know, not having been published before, save for self) but my erotic horror novella “Bloodlust”, published by House of Erotica Books/Andrews UK Ltd, has been released:

Buy it from Amazon:

and no doubt other places too.

It already seems to be selling better than all my self published titles put together, if not on the bestseller list just yet lol.

Amazing what a bit of smut can do, isn’t eh?

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been… An Erotica Writer?

Well, it’s official. I’m getting published, and I’m not talking self. I’m very pleased to be able to say that an erotic horror novella I wrote called “Bloodlust” has been accepted for publication by UK-based ebook publisher House of Erotica Books.
It’s pretty exciting (if more than a little ironic that I write sci-fi for 20 years and have to publish it myself but the moment I write something saucy…).
“Bloodlust” is about a lesbian vampire who enjoys seducing and murdering young women, but whose latest target/would-be victim might just be her downfall… in more ways than one. Also included in the book will be a comic erotic short story of mine called “Bottle It”, which is about a dateless young woman who’s so desperate for some romance she agrees to a “clinical trial” of a wonder potion that will supposedly make her irresistible to those she desires… but it doesn’t go quite as she might have hoped.
House of Erotica Books have been great, and I’m feeling pretty chuffed right about now lol! Not sure what the release date will be yet, but I’ll let you know.

I’m just looking forward to seeing the cover… lol!

Fun With Formatting

Formatting is fun, isn’t it?
When I write, I tend to write on pen and paper. Yes, I know, luddite, but tech just clouds my thought processes and I’d rather do it the old fashioned way. Plus it means you get to do a clean-up/redraft when it comes to typing the thing up. About five or six years ago, not long after I first got a computer (yes, luddite, shut up), I thought it was about time I typed up the endless stories clugging up my cupboard, so I did. Took months and months, but I did. You would think that would make it easier when it came time to self-publish, wouldn’t you?
Well, maybe you wouldn’t. The problem, of course, is formatting. See, I used Wordpad to type them up, didn’t even get Word till like four years ago (shut up) and didn’t even do that right, as it turns out. So now everything is crappily formatted, all over the place and everything else, and that’s not even counting the specific instructions you have to follow for the likes of Kindle and Smashwords. So, to cut a long story short… it’s taking me a while.
I suppose that’s good in a way, otherwise I’d just dump a hundred or so e-books on the net in the space of a week, which probably wouldn’t be a good idea either…

Introducing Winniston High

This week I self-published “The Plot to Destroy Paris!” to Amazon. This is the first installment in the very, very silly high school spoof series “Winniston High”. Winniston High is effectively my “other” companion series to Ian’s Gang, albeit it has nowhere near as many different installments. It’s also a lot sillier!
It is a very fun series though – lurid, over the top, completely barking made with teen murderesses, evil Headmasters and various other nutters. It may be a school series, but it’s not really for kids lol!

Writing Other Things and Being an Idiot

I’m an idiot.

It took a long time to come to this conclusion, but I got there in the end. In between uploading the next Ian’s Gang ebook to Amazon – “That Child of Mine”, check it out folks! – and formatting the next one, “Mousetrap”, it occurred to me that it was possibly NOT the brightest idea in the universe to effectively (with the exception of a few other very short stories and another series which was just for fun and unpublishable anyway) restrict myself to just writing the Ian’s Gang series for so long. Continuing to write the series endlessly when I couldn’t get the first lot published was kind of restricting my chances, wasn’t it!?
So, while I’m certainly not abandoning the series – I love it too much for that – I’m holding off writing any new installments for a while (at least until all the existing ones are published on Kindle, which will take me some time as it is) and concentrating on writing other stuff for publication. Indeed, I’ve been looking around at markets asking for specific subjects and story lengths to do just that, and have already managed to write a 10,000+ word novella and have nearly finished a 4000+ word novelette/short story too.

Of course, I probably have should done this about ten years ago, but then again I’ve always been a bit slow…

New anthology coming

The second “Ian’s Gang Anthology” book is out later this week, and contains the next six stories in the Ian’s Gang series, “Witch’s Brew”, “Sideways”, “Gang Warfare”, “Control Network”, “Grip of the Spider” and the double-length “Something Evil”.
There’s comedy, sci-fi action, apocalyptic horror, new characters and some pretty shocking twists – everything you need for a great read, in fact!

Series Format

Because of the unusual format of “Ian’s Gang”, it stands to reason that it needed a bit of thought to work out the best format with which to make it available for Kindle readers via Amazon. The solution I came up with was to release each individual story separately and then in an Anthology format (say, with maybe six stories per anthology) for perhaps a little bit cheaper than buying the stories individually to encourage regular readers. The first six stories and the first “Ian’s Gang” anthology are now up on Amazon.

This weekend will see the release of the next two individual “Ian’s Gang” ebooks – the stories “Witch’s Brew” and “Sideways”. There will be five more individual ebooks to come in this format over the next three weeks (one of which is a 2 part story which will be available in separate parts or both together) and then the 2nd anthology will come the week after that. It seems the best and most logical way to do it.

Pricing, of course, is another story entirely…

Introducing “Ian’s Gang”

Thought I’d take a moment to introduce “Ian’s Gang”, the new science fiction series of which the first novel is now available to download as a Kindle e-book from Amazon (I plan to make it available on other platforms and as a print book in the next couple of months).

It’s an action adventure sci-fi series which dabbles in comedy and supernatural horror, crossing various genres within the same framework. It’s about a group of teenage aliens who are assigned to help Earth get used to the idea of the wider universe and immediately get dragged into the wildest of adventures.

I’ve been writing the series for many years now but have had trouble attracting the interest of mainstream publishers, for all the usual reasons. I guess it is also a bit of an odd style – essentially a series of short stories with continuing characters and storylines, which slowly begin to grow and form into an epic saga. I believe in the series, though, and hope that by taking the self-publishing route it will find its audience – if the audience can be made aware of its existence, of course!

Hi there. My name is Ian Kidd and this is my first post on my new blog. I’m a freelance writer in South Australia with experience in everything from published fiction (including my first fiction e-book, the science fiction adventure “Ian’s Gang” which is now available to purchase on Kindle via Amazon) to ghostwriting non-fiction e-books and articles. I have worked as a script/dialogue editor on two proposed horror feature film scripts for LA based writer/director Aleksandr Sokolyn and had a comic skit shortlisted for performance in the Sydney Fringe Festival 2010. I’m establishing this blog in the hope of widening my internet presence and hopefully attract readers and employers.

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